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Originally Posted by 2thdr View Post
Can't find that rebate listed on the website? Mind if I ask which dealer?
BMWCA is not publishing the rebates at all. There was a recent one on Oct 10 that gave $5k on E92, $7.5k on E90 and E93.

Depends what dealership you go to. Most of them are pretending business as usual and are trying to rip you.

One Edm M3 buyer is going to calg BMW since they are totally open about the rebates and are moving a ton of M3. I am looking there for my E90 M3. I am on the fence. Everyone in Edm just wants your money.

You can also get 1% fin on the rebate but the rebate decreases slightly in my case to $7k.

PM me if you have more questions


PS These are on '08 cars that are coming in from around the country, some from out east and some from west so you may have a drilled front bumper and have to put painted plugs int he holes. Just an FYI

PPS I can't say anything good about Edm BMW, they are not interested in even discussing rebates. They run the place like friggin selling Chevy Cobalts. Save your breath there.