Thread: 2009 M3 Lease?
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So, im not sure how this is going with the deal right now...

Just called my sales person, and since the car is located in San Jose Stevens Creek and hes from Peter Pan, he told me last night that they will get the car detailed, and all ready for me to get tonight before 7pm. As its 3pm right now, i decided to call, and he informs me that there might be a possibility that i can't even get the car! WTF...

I asked why, and he said that Steven Creek has a buyer for the car also, and if they back out, then it will be mine. However, they already charged my credit card for the first deposit for the car. Does this sound normal?

Then he quoted me that he can get me a different one that has more options (which i dont even need) for less than $1000 more.