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Originally Posted by ace996 View Post
I forgot to take pics of this...but my description should be is quite easy.

Ditched the clutch-spring today...about 5 minutes total. You need a little torx bit and something to pull two little e-clips...I used a curved pick.

1. Under the steering wheel, there are three little screws you need to remove, this allows the plate/cover that shields the pedal-innards to be removed. Once they are out, the plate/cover drops down...just watch the wires.

2. Behind the clutch pedal, there is a looks like a little black coilover...that is what is removed, not the silver spring that pulls it up in front (closer to the driver). You need to use the pick, or something else, to pull the e-clips that are on the left-side of the restraining pins (the top and bottom of the coilover).

3. Push the pedal, by hand, all the way to the floor and push the locating pins (top and bottom) out. This will allow you to pull the top of the coilover out and then the bottom.

4. Put the cover back and install the three screws. That's it.

I've done this to all the cars I've owned over the past few years. What this does is give a consistant feel to the pedal on release. You know how the pedal feels hard at first when you push down, then it gets easier? Now it's just the same feel the whole way down...not really harder...but it doesn't get easier.

The real reason for this... when I release the pedal, you can feel the engagement point much better, instead of the wandering/vague point with the spring. I never feel comfortable with the spring installed, as it feels as if the engagement point is never quite same from one day to the next. Now, the lever release is change in pressure from one inch to the next.

Depending on how I feel, I may tackle the clutch-stop mod next...

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Sounds exactly like what I need to do, so I went ahead and tried it. Removed the plate/cover in 30 seconds, but then for the life of me I just could not get to the e-clips. I can't see them, and I was just feeling/poking around but to no avail. Just gave up in utter disappointment and mounted the plate/cover back on. Damn.. I'm very handy, just no idea how you guys get to the e-clips so easily. I wish I could see them at least and it's hard.

Do you put them back on after the spring is out and the pins back in, or leave it all out? I'd like to try it again, and it's not a lack of tools, but maybe I need a small mirror? I assume you are removing them with the clutch up, not depressed. That would be even more impossible!