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Yes, there are lags here and there, such as in selecting drive (M or D), and yes, skipping 2 gears isn't as fast as shifting by 1, as it obviously has 2 clutches, not one. As an E46 owner as well, I have to say, it is a QUANTUM leap. The E46 at best feels like a beginner learning to drive a clutch, and even still, out performed the MT. This generation's transmission is stupendous. The wish list for me would have been STATIC paddle location; If I had an F1 car's turning ratio in which the wheel's left side could never be on the right, it would be a non-issue. However, there are turns in which I want a different gear (diminishing radius where engine drag and g-force is the mechanism of deceleration) that I want to prepare for maximal torque exiting my apex. At this point I'm obligated to devote consciousness from a precise exit strategy on to which hand my downshift paddle is nearest, or, remove my hand giving up fine tuned steering as two handed steering provides and using the lever. Less of an issue but still on a wish list, that the CENTER of the wheel didn't turn, so all the radio/phone buttons never moved either. As of now, with 1000 miles on the car, I DEFINITELY drive it smoothly. There is NO circumstance in which I don't have a method for creating smooth transitions if that be the priority of my mode, and I will NEVER be able to produce a better 5 minute section of driving that is varying gears with an MT; a human cannot outperform a computer's consistency. If actuating the clutch your self is how your testicularly validated, do whatcha gotta do.

I have NEVER enjoyed a car as much as this one, either as passenger nor driver. And this car is straight BI-POLAR! I can set it in the soft suspension/transmission mode and it feels about as smooth as a Continental, yet in the aggressive settings it is a twitchy eager assertive beast. I've had a Supra TT dyno-ing at 420 ft/lb, which no doubt was faster - but nothing offers this sort of versatility AND commitment to performance. NOTHING.

I will be upping my horsepower with a series of stickers, and Ill let you all know how many I get out of each one.

Buyers remorse is the only justification for those with MT's criticizing the DCT.

I. Am. In. Love.

Although... I have to admit, I could always use a little more power.

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