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I received the clear reflectors and was too excited to put them on, so I didn't take pictures off the car - sorry gents. What I can tell you is that the plastic backing plate is virtually identical to the OEM one and is made in Taiwan.

However, out of the box, they WILL NOT WORK. The metal spring that holds the markers into the car MUST BE TWEAKED OR IT CAN CAUSE PAINT DAMAGE! I realized this before doing any significant damage. I'm going to email this post to the seller so he has an opportunity to correct this.

Here are some pics on the car:

Here is a pic of the spring in question on the OEM reflectors:

You will notice that it flattens out at the far ends. When the spring is compressed, the flat piece at the end stays relatively flat. On the aftermarket ones, the spring is at more of an angle that prevents the reflector from seating properly against the car. It was obvious once I compared them.

Not a deal breaker - simply tweak them with a set of plyers like so, until the angle matches the OEM reflectors (go GRADUALLY and GENTLY to get it to the right angle):

Pics on the car - you be the judge ; )

I really like them and don't think I'll buy the painted ones; although I think those look good as well.

These were purchased from "goodstuffs4u0904" on Ebay. Link: