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Originally Posted by Sticky View Post
43 pounds? That is it? Can't see that upsetting balance too much. Empty your windshield washer reservoir just in case

Seriously, thanks for taking the time to weigh all that. I think I might do this soon, 43 pounds is a nice weight savings.

You going to drive around with them out?
Correction: I forgot to add the weight of the headrests, which weigh 3.5 lbs together, so the total is more like 47 lbs. That's just the seats. There is other junk to be removed from to back for another ~18-20lbs. See here:

I took them out for the intesive driving school I'll be at on Friday. 7 x 30 min sessions in one day! I'll put them back on. It's no big deal since it is so easy to take them out. Like m_parade said, it is kind of noisy and obviously looks strange without the seats. I'll take pics and post.