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I love the ///M3, but I want 550hp ///M5
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So a week has gone by and most of you haven't heard from me as far as a schedule. My apologies for this. The lighting equipment loaned to me from a fellow photographer took long for me to get, and when he did give it to me it wasn't enough lighting for a night scene feel I wanted to create. :-/

Top that, Saturday i did a 12hour straight photo shoot of 8 girls and 2 looks.. smDh! It was crazy and I slept all Sunday, which was the intended day to link up with a few of you. I keep saying that I had no idea so people would be interested in my work.

Anyway, I got a brand new cam Monday.. and I am dying to try it out. So day time would be preferable instead of evening night time. To be fair, I'll start with fellow BK people as they are close by. Then I'll hit you guys up for weekends.

ALSO, If you guys are going to any meets, hit me up.