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Originally Posted by Big Windy View Post

I took my 2009 e92 in for 1200 mile service today. After getting the car back, I checked the invoice and I noticed that the transmission fluid was not changed (6MT). I talked to the tech, showed him the part number for the fluid, and told him that 2.1 liters need to be changed. He said that all 09 models (both 6MT and DKG) have lifetime tranny fluid now and do not get changed. He claims that this is because dealers were getting confused between 6MT and DKG and were changing DKG tranny oil (which we've heard plenty about), so BMW just found a mutual solution. Still, I am a bit wary of this. Any other 09 owners already taken theirs in for service? I had him scan my key and show me the prescribed services and nothing was listed for transmission oil, so maybe he is telling the truth...still, I've heard so many cases of poorly informed techs, so I want to be sure.

Interesting...I'd just call another BMW dealership, and confirm with them.