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PlastX or ScratchX on a Playstation 3?

Hi everyone,

I recently picked up a refurbished 60GB Playstation 3, and have been quite happy with it thus far. The system runs well, and hasn't skipped a beat through a couple of "endurance runs". However, it appears that the previous owner didn't take very good care of the system from a cosmetic standpoint, so the system case has numerous scratches and mars on it.

This brings me to my question: Has anyone used Meguiar's ScratchX or PlastX on their PS3 before to buff out their scratches? If not, do you have any other recommendations that can help restore the finish of the PS3 to its original condition?

I know this sounds completely O.C.D, but the scuffs and scratches are bugging me. Makes me wonder how messy and unorganized some people really are. I mean, the thing essentially just sits there, playing a BD or DVD. How the hell do you beat up the system like that?!? I still have an original NES that's flawless and runs perfectly fine! That thing's 20+ years old!!!

Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions!