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Originally Posted by farbarg View Post
Awesome post, thanks for the info! My car must have been one of the ones that got the spot check on the track. It's all water under the bridge now (at 4900 miles), but did they say how long those tests could be?

well, i am not sure of the exact track length, but it is probably around two miles. according to the guide, the track has different bumps, turns, and surfaces to test the noises and proper function of the car.

Originally Posted by jmornoinf View Post

I live in Regensburg and would like to take the tour! How do I go about it? They are making my car as we speak and it would be cool to see it built! Thanks
go to the regensburg factory's website (google it) and then send them an email requesting a tour. Just tell them how many are in your group, whether you want german or english, and they'll tell you times that are available. they do tours at 830 and 1330.

Originally Posted by ersin View Post
Thanks for the info! I'd love to do this, but I'll just have to live vicariously through you.

But, you better watch out, I hear that the BMW police are after you now.
good thing i just got my 2000km service and can go faster than the polizei then...

Originally Posted by 1 View Post
thanks for sharing man, pretty cool!

but couldn't you get into a lot of trouble for posting those pics?
i certainly hope not...the tours are open to the public...