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Originally Posted by enfield View Post
Bottom line - you have to brake hard at the beginning of the braking zone and then ease off - as you are are easing off the brakes you have to downshift. You turn in at the turning point after all this is done and the car is balanced.

What I had been doing was the street braking thing - start of gradually and progressively press harder and release at the turning point. This caused the shifting issues.

If you brake hard at the beginning of the braking zone and then ease off and downshift as you are easing off then all will be well and the tranny will be just fine thank you!! As you probably know gear changes occur towards the half way point in the braking zone if you are going down one gear. If you need to go down 2 gears then one change occurs when there is 2/3 of the braking zone left and the second change occurs when there is about 1/3 of the braking zone left. This is also the point when you should be almost off the brakes to balance the car prior to the turning point otherwise you can understeer like most automative journalists

Hope that helps.
I did it a little differently, and found the car stayed more balanced and I was quicker. Do your braking just as you always would, stay on it hard, all the way to the turn in point (or after turn-in if you have to trail brake a little.) As soon as you lift off the brake, do a quick downshift-downshift, as you start to apply the go pedal. I found the shifts could happen in the 50 feet or so as I crossed the track towards the apex.
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