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NFL week 6 breakdown

Ok so I am big into fantasy considering I have no REAL ties with the NFL... Here is my breakdown (if that's what you want to call it)

Jeff Garcia: 15/20 173yds TD... Solid game

Rams vs. Redskins: The skins go from beating the cowboys to losing to the worst team in football wtf?

Matt Ryan: 22/30 301yds TD... WHAT A GAME!

Kyle Orton: 26/43 286yds TD... solid game as well...

Drew Brees: 26/30 320yds 3TDs... he has been playing better than anyone in the past couple of years at QB if you ask me.

Jamarcus Russell: 13/35 159yds INT... he is playing like SHIT, bottom line.

Peyton Manning: 19/28 271 YDS 3TDs... bout time you started playing like Peyton

Chad Pennington: 19/25 284yds 2TDs INT... has passed for 78% the past 3 games, and who said Pennington would never be the same!?

Ryan Fitzpatrick: Ran for more yards and TD's than any running back on the team WTF. Chris Perry, Cedric Benson... both 1st round draft picks.

Brett Favre: 25/33 189yds TD 2INT... against the bengals? Yay *pukes*

David Gerrard: 25/34 276 TD... one of the most underrated QB's in football if you ask me. Another solid game

Dallas Cowboys: They almost lose to one of the worst teams in the NFL and then they lose 2 straight. I don't think they are the team everyone makes them out to be.

Desean Jackson: 6 rec 98yds... not the greatest game but he is playing better as a rookie than most top veterans *TO, Moss, Chad Johnson *cough*

Aaron Rodgers: 21/30 208yds 2TDs... yet another very good game for my man Rodgers. Whos Brett Favre?

Charlie Frye: 12/23 86 yds 2TD 2INT... seahawks what the fuck...

New England Patriots: Moss has proved to be a joke without a top notch QB, the Patriots have proved they are not that good of a team. The key word being TEAM, when you play this badly because of ONE piece of a puzzle missing you were not that good to begin with it doesnt matter how big that piece was. The TEAM is what matters.

Feel free to chime in.