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Originally Posted by TUNEDM3 View Post
I went to remove the spring today, but it seems to provide lateral support to the clutch pedal. Have you noticed any problems with sidewards movement of the pedal?
Problems?...none. I see your point and it does stand to reason that the spring could add some form of lateral support, but that would only be needed if other components of your clutch pedal were faulty. From my experience, there is no loss of rigidity or sidways movement of the clutch pedal since the spring was removed. The clutch pedal does not move side-to-side since removal of the spring.

I will say that this is the "best" mod I've done to this car, it has changed the interface of the driver-drivetrain to a point that I would feel tortured if I had to re-install the spring. The cluth release is so consistant and linear that it feels like there is a different(better) clutch's that much of a difference. There is no longer that changing level of pressure during the clutch's travel and engagement point on release.

And the spring can always be re-installed if you so wish...although I'd bet a carbon-trunk that would never happen...

I sincerely feel for those that haven't done this mod, it shoud be a free option prior to dealer-delivery...

---Clutch Spring Delete?----- YES

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