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Cool [DIY E92 M3] D2 High-Kelvin HID Burner with D1 Ignitor Socket

Hello, M3 Fighter Pilots!!

There are a lot of color variations of D2 burners at present. But, there aren't much choices of D1 burner yet.

So, I try to install High-Kelvin D2 burner using the "D1 Ignitor Socket" to my M3 Coupe.

This is "D1 Ignitor Socket" sold from BELLOF.

This is heat-resisting paint for incinerator, muffler and so on. It can endure up to 500 degrees.

Mask the D2 burner by a masking tape, and paint it.

This is the "High-Wattage" ballast which I improved.

(Details about the "High-Wattage" ballast, see this explanation.)

In order to volatilize the thinner ingredients, make the "Blue-Painted" D1 burner burn up without attaching the headlamp unit. I call this process "pre-burning".

The right side is BMW genuine D1 burner made by Philips, and the left side is the "Blue-Painted" D1 burner after "pre-burning" process.

(Details about the "Blue-Painted" burner, see this explanation.)

This picture shows the difference of both D1 burners.

The BMW genuine D1 burner looks like "Yellow-White", and the "Blue-Painted" D1 burner looks like "Violet-White".

What do you look?

Using the "D1 Ignitor Socket", you can install a lot of color variations of D2 burners.

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