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...tested the DCT today at dealer...too bad

So I went to finally see for myself the issues mentioned at SEVERAL posts about the problems with the tranny on the M-DCT. Of course, I am sure given hard driving at the track will "enhance" these problems (like skipping gears or unresponsive downshifts at a turn in). My first impression of the DCT is that it is probably as quick as Porsche's new PDK (tested a 2009 Carrera S a few weeks ago) and delivers the power more "evenly" than when I tested the manual 6 speed M3 at the dealer a few days before. I think for every day use it is an incredible transmission but since I am about to order a 2009 E90 M3, and plan to track it AT LEAST once a month (Harris Hill Road, Austin) I will stick with the manual 6 speed. It is a real shame since if I had not read all the problems other owners have had with their transmissions at several tracks I would have ordered it for sure. Thanks to all the people that have posted these issues on this site, I decided I needed to really make sure and try it my self.
I actually encountered a weird problem....after driving the car for a bit in the "D" mode, I decided to test the nice paddle shift. I was at a red light and after going through 100 steps ( once you get it down I am sure it is easier, and enable the "M" button at the steering wheel) I was able to turn the traction control off, set to Sport Plus and to M drive (can't remember al the terms now)....anyhow, I slammed the gad and......NOTHING...the car returned to NEUTRAL!!!!! I had to switch back to drive just to drive away since I had cars behind me...after doing this, it actually came back again to S mode??? Very confusing.
After I took of, I did not experience any more problems and started to have fun with the car...even pulled a 180 in the highway (probably not a smart idea, but DEFINETLY fun) ...I was laughing like a small child inside of the car, I am sure the drivers around me must have thought I am completely insane.
Anyhow, I would not like to encounter these kind of problems at 100mph+ and heading to a chicane!!!
Will keep it simple with a manual 6 speed and use the good and tested heel and toe for least until someone tells me 09 models have corrected all these issues!