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Originally Posted by e46e92love View Post
Maybe I will get flamed for this but I saw one post in all of the exhaust threads that I completely agreed with: that true exotic sports cars don't sound like an American V8 rumbling and grumbling, they sound high pitch while blowing by you.

Are there any exhausts out yet that try to enhance a high pitch tone, rather than some deep, rumbling american V8 sound? The engine of this car sounds like a race car when it blows by you on the track down the stretch at 140mph, love that engine sound. But these exhausts try to turn it into some american V8.

Am I crazy? Am I the only who feels this way? Thanks for the opinions!!

In my opinion this car doesn't even sound close to an American muscle car. The smoothness of the sound separates it totally from American cars. Especially at idle you don't hear that same cam sound you get from American muscle cars that have a big cam. To me it sounds nothing like a pushrod V8. Doesn't sound like the exotic cars, but doesn't sound like American muscle either. In fact I can't think of another car that has the sound of this one??