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Originally Posted by noxredna View Post
So I finally received all 4 items after waiting a week or so. Manage to allocate sometime last night and this evening to install all four modifications. I got my Matte Black Grill, AFe Filter, LED Angel Eyes and RPi ram air.

The most time consuming to install was definitely the RPi ram air scoops, it was pain the ass to squeeze into the small grill opening, position your hands perfectly and screw the scoops into the plastic casing. The matte black grill was pretty easy and intuitive to install other than I had trouble getting the front bumper screw back on.. actually I only have the two middle ones back on because the on the sides are impossible to screw it back on. The tread refuse to catch the casing.. I definitely will have to bring that up to my maintenance people the next time I bring my car in. Other than that, the car is still fine now.

The LED angel eye was quite interesting because I had a bad feeling touching all the wiring when I first open the casing. But I manage to find the instruction on "how to replace your head lamp bulbs" in the owner's manual and went ahead with it. The result was.... okay.. honestly, I was quite dissappointed considering that I paid 110 for the LEDs.. I figured I might as well gone for the replacement bulbs. The reason why I am dissappointed is because the angel eye is not that bright.. as matter of fact, the yellow angel eyes on the stock bulbs seem to be brighter. However, I hated the yellowish angel eye and I am glad that now my angel eye is bright and white.

The matte black grill looks good, the car looks a lot cleaner now.

The AFe oil filter was also very easy to install. That took me 15 mins tops - compared to the 3 hours I spent scrambling to install the RPi scoops. In terms of improvement and changes to the feel of the car --- none as of now... I have drove it for a few hours and filled my gas tank up.

Will keep everyone posted when I feel any real changes. Going on up to the hamptons this weekend so I should definitely clock in some real miles.

Pictures are below, enjoy.
Oil filter? You must mean the Air filter because AFE only makes an air filter for the e92 m3? Where are the pics? Which LED's did you install?