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In-car Video of Borla Prototype Exhaust for E9X M3

Hi Guys,

I have a prototype of the new Borla E92/E90 M3 exhaust on my personal car. Those of you that might not be familar with my relationship with Borla, I'm the guy that got them to make the E46 M3 midpipe (part #60090) back in 2006. They used my old E46 M3 for R&D for both the original version and the new V2. IMO that is and has been the best sounding, most cost effective option for eliminating rasp on the E46 M3 and we have sold hundreds of them. So, when the opportunity presented itself to test the new E92/E90 M3 exhaust I jumped at the opportunity.

I promised not to devulge specific info I know about the design, but I can tell you a few of the important features:
  1. It is a complete bolt-on system with NO cutting or welding required
  2. It is a moderate volume exhaust
  3. It has a deep, rich sound
  4. The tips are 3.5" and look perfect on the car, IMO
  5. Like all Borla products, it is 100% T-304 stainless steel, just like all the other high-end exhausts for BMW
  6. It uses 2 smaller mufflers vs. one large tranversely mounted muffler
  7. It will save quite a bit of weight over the stock rear section, which weighs 55 pounds (I weighed it at Borla)

I do not have an exact release date or price yet, but I will post info as soon as it becomes available.

Check out the video here.

Below are some static pics on my car.