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I love the ///M3, but I want 550hp ///M5
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are you kidding me??? "///M PWR 00"

"I hope you don't take this the wrong way."

What you just did was very unprofessional, you "thread jacked" me , and posted your pictures in my thread advertising over my work. That's crazy and very unprofessional. I would delete your post if I could, but on second thought. I hope others see how rude that was of you. It's not going to stop me from anything.

Your work is cool, you used a wide angle lens, nothing hard about that, or so creative about that. I've seen a lot others that are way better than yours and mine.

There are no rules in photography. I don't know my limit yet. I did not display my best work, I am simply giving everyone an idea of what I CAN do from a creative stand point, at the least. You and I have different styles and just let it be. You didn't have to disrespect me in this manner (twice). A link to reference would have been cool.

I'm still going to move forward with working with the guys that responded. Please, do not do that again to any of my threads, or anyone else.