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Originally Posted by b16r1ch View Post
What's the clearance between your x-pipe and the heat shielding? And do you have dynos available?

I was going to have a custom set made, but (1) without 'rolling' the x-pipe down, there would be contact with the heat-sheilding, and (2) it would seem that the gain with hi-flow or straight removal of the second cats wouldn't be worth the expense given the main cats are still in place.

Anyway, would appreciate more info as it becomes available. Thanks!

Dear Rich,

There were no clearance issues with the X Pipe but I will look into getting you some close up shots. As far as the design is concern the primary cats are eliminated with the straight pipe option as well as the secondary cats.
With the High Flow Cat option the primary cats are replaced with a high flow cat and the secondary cat is still eliminated. I will post the dyno in a day or two. I just need to wait for engineering to give me the charts. Thank you for showing interest and please feel free to ask if you have any other questions or concerns.

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