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Originally Posted by zsapphire7 View Post
When i check out e90 on my iphone now, it has a special iphone view so that e90 fits into the screen. No more zoom in and out like it used to be because the web page was displayed the same as on a laptop. I want the laptop view because i can zoom into pictures that have been posted and such.. I cant seem to find a view to not goto the iphone view mode for this forum.
I assume it's a mod for vBulletin that's been installed. I'm not 100% familiar with the software but as a developer I'd have done it by reading the browser type or user-agent from the client and serving the format based on that. There may be a way to spoof that on the iPhone side to make it look like you are on, say, Safari for Windows or OSX but I'm sure it's not Apple kosher. You may be out of luck.

I like the iPhone formatted view though. Much nicer. To each their own though.