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Maybe wrong section: tracking a DCT E92?

Apologies in advance if I am posting this in the wrong section.

First post here - for reference this is my 3rd M3 and I recently got rid of my M6. Among other cars. But that is besides the point, here is my problem:

I recently bought an 08 DCT coupe, strictly as a daily driver, but still!

I happened to be at a track weekend and my race car broke an axle so I figured I'd take the M3 out for a bit...

Loved the power, nice enough suspension and good brakes given stock BUT WTF is up with the tranny??

At threshold breaking the downshift paddle becomes disabled, period. Unless I lifted a bit. I tried all modes possible, fact was that regardless of setting under threshold conditions the *** would just be dead. I did this for several laps, very repeatable.

Trying to exit a 2nd gear turn on 5th gear is not fun to say the least.

Hopefully I am just missing a silly setting that makes it all good. Any thoughts appreciated.