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Ralph Schomp Pricing

I have been looking a M3's and over the past two weeks and have decided that I will go for an 2009 vs 2008. I thought I would ask if anyone has purchased or at least researched the M3 pricing at Schomp (Denver). I keep reading on this forum about getting M3's at $500 above invoice on 2008's and $1500 on 2009's but they have quoted no more than $1,700 off msrp. I purchased my 2006 330i from Schomp and received a pretty good deal then and have been very happy with their service so I am leary of going elsewhere.

With this in mind, the obvious option is to simply bring in the retail and wholesale pricing sheet I found on this site and negotiate from there but I thought I would at least ask if anyone has had any luck with getting good deals from them.

Your comments are appreciated.

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