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Ok just finished installing mine. When the stock filter was on I had no clue what that little piece holding it in place in the back was (was doing it in semi dark light) I was trying to pull it off and thought i was gonna break something lol. But didnt. It was very easy to oput on even for someone like me, who knows nothing about these things. I did however manage to put it on the wrong way, then i lined it up with the stock one and put it back on. Just to make sure, The thinner side goes towards windshield correct?
All in all, took about 40 minutes to do cuz it was my first time. Would be able to do it again in 20. Revved it up a bit, but didnt go above 3000 since car was still cold and i was at work. Will try it later and let u guys know what someone whose clueless about these things thinks. lol.

Tomorrow exhaust comes on. Now that should make a very noticeable difference