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Originally Posted by inmotion View Post
One of my colleagues will be moving over to Hong Kong early next year. He is American and does not speak a lick of Chinese. He is also rarely on the internet forums, so I'm just asking some questions on his behalf. What does it run to pick up a used M5 or M6? In addition, how comparable are the roads in Hong Kong compared to the USA for those who've seen both? Where are you getting all of your mods done? I really appreciate all the help.
Wow no one chimed in on this.

Used M5s typically run about the $1.2 - $1.4 million HKD range, M6 is about $200k more. Roads here are typically pretty good, if not better than US roads.

We have just expanded our base into HK so have your friend contact us and we can set him with mods.