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Will it fit? Auto-x options..

Iím looking at autocross tires because it sort of effects my winter setup.

Due to SCCA rules, I have to use stock sized wheels. So Iíve got 19x8.5 on the front, and 19x9.5 on the rear without buying new wheels. I was waffling around getting a 18" setup and using the stock 19" wheels for summer, but I really donít like the 18" wheel options out there atm and the auto-x tire size options is also pretty bad. So Iím now looking at 20" summer wheels and using the 19" for winter/race.

Iím rather limited to Hoosier A6 if I keep the 19" wheels. Iíve seen multiple other racers squeeze wider tires onto narrow rims, but theyíve always been much smaller wheels with a lot more sidewall to work with. Can a low profile tire be pinched onto a wheel Ĺ" narrower than the recommended size?

The 265/35zr19 is what Iím looking at stuffing under the front end. Recommend rim size for the tire is 9"-10". Stock PS2 size is the 2nd number: Height is 25.6" (25.8"), tread width is 9.6"(NA), tire max width is 10.4"(9.8"), and at the rim itís 9" wide (8.5").
For the rears I was eyeballing the 295/30zr19 that recommends a 10"-12" wheel. Same issues there, but at least I could step down to a 265 whereas the front only other option is a 235/35r19.

Opinions on whether it will work?