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Never heard....

Originally Posted by ihyln View Post
I know this is engine related but I wanted to get some extra exposure to see if anyone knows about this company. Long story short, a friend of mine who runs a shop had a rep from PES ( stop by and asked if he knew anyone with a new M that would be willing to test out their piggyback software. My friend claims, and I know this sounds unbelievable, that the rep said it would offer up to 50HP and 75 lb/ft. Again, this is what I heard second hand so I could be wrong. I left the rep my number and asked him to contact me. They said they guarantee BMW from finding out about the piggyback.

Only thing is I hope I don't burn my cats if this is actually true.
I have not heard of PES and their website does not even mention that they tune BMW automobiles! I'd be very careful here.

I do know Dinan is working on an ECU upgrade for the M3 that will achieve approx +8 HP and +15 lb-ft increases. Dinan also stated that's max gains without exhaust work as the M3 motor is already tapped out (almost).

Hamann is claiming the same, their ECU upgrade provides similar gains as Dinan. However, Hamann is also offering +35 HP & + 35 lb-ft increases with ECU, intake and exhaust mods.

Hope this helps...