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▀▄ eas | Now Official Authorized STOCKING Rogue Dealer

▀▄ eas | Now Official Authorized STOCKING Rogue Dealer

We would like to announce that eas is now an authorized stocking distributor for Rogue Engineering.

Rogue Engineering equipped: Automatic Racing wins the Memorial Day Koni GS Challenge Race at Lime Rock Race.

The seasoned veterans on the forums will already know that Rogue Engineering needs no introduction. Rogue Engineering uses its experience with race teams such as 2007 KONI Challenge GS Champions, Automatic Racing for valuable feedback and product development. This information, combined with the many other racers around the country help us develop the best parts for your BMW. Rogue Engineering specializes in offering high performance upgrades for BMWs with many of these upgrades have been developed in-house. New products begin when they see a problem and an adequate solution does not exist. Most RE products are designed to extend the longevity and increase the performance of your BMW. In the Internet world we live in today, RE values the chance to continually develop new products and push the performance envelope.

You're probably asking why is being a stocking dealer/distributor so important? Here are some reasons why:

- With most RE parts in stock, orders can be shipped in time for your particular buildup or track event. For those in the SoCal area, we welcome you to drop by and see the full lineup of Rogue Engineering products in person.
- Physically look at the entire product line up before you make a purchase.
- Authorized dealer means we carry on Rogue's full Warranty. Products purchased from non-authorized retailers do not carry Rogue's warranty.

Here's a short listing of popular Rogue Engineering products that we have in stock at this time:

Transmission Mounts:
What is a transmission mount?
The transmission mounts in a BMW are a common part that is frequently overlooked. They are required to do many things in the vehicle, yet are not quite suitable for those who actually drive their BMWs.

The transmission mount is designed to do the following:
Help stabilize the transmission under vehicle load allowing the shifter to engage into gear properly
Isolate vibration from the drivetrain to the chassis. Under engine load, the transmission can wiggle left and right slightly. This wiggle gets
worse when the car is being driven in turns. This unwanted movement may potentially causing the driver to miss shift, a costly error which will always be considered driver error.

Rogue Engineering - Reinforced Transmission Mounts (Most BMWs)

Currently, the transmission mounts fit the following vehicles:
All E34
All E36 including M3
All E46 including E46 M3
All Z3s include M Roadster/M Coupe
All Z8s
All E39 including M5s
All Z4s
Application Note: Transmission mounts are NOT required or necessary for vehicles equipped with automatic or SMG transmissions.

Clutch Stops:
What is a clutch stop?
Part of the joy of driving a manual transmission car is the ability to control the engagement and release of the clutch system. However, with the onset of self-adjusting pressure plates (late model BMWs), it still becomes difficult to feel" the engagement precisely, as BMW creates vehicles that are more and more luxurious to drive.

The purpose of a clutch stop is to limit the travel of the clutch arm, so that it can be adjusted to a user's desired preference. This can allow for quicker, more precise clutch engagement, especially during spirited driving. The factory does provide a small, plastic clutch stop, located in on the firewall of the foot well, but it's too short to render much adjustment.

Installation Ease
Installation of the Rogue Engineering clutch stop is easy and can be done by anyone within minutes. Installation directions are included.

Rogue Engineering - Clutch Stop:

Currently, the clutch stop fit the following vehicles:
All E30 3-series
All E36 3-series including M3*
All E46 3-series including M3*
All Z3s include M Roadster/M Coupe
All Z8s (except Alpina)*
All E39 including M5s*
*Late model vehicles have a dual position, solid state clutch switch which requires the clutch pedal to be depressed nearly completely to the floor in order to start the vehicle. For these vehicles, the clutch stop cannot be adjusted to the limits of the clutch pedal engagement unless the clutch switch is modified. Modifications to the clutch switch are required to allow for both vehicle start and cruise control functions to be retained.

Adjustable Rear Control Arms:

What does a ARCA do?
An Adjustable Rear Control Arm (ARCA) determines the rear wheels' camber settings. This is important on vehicles that are lowered or frequent the track. Whereas the factory arms are adjustable, they have limited range because of the eccentric cam bolt design. While lightweight in design, the "BBQ Tong" design of the factory arms cannot withstand the continual pounding of track and street driving forever.

Kit includes two (2) arms and complete installation directions. Professional installation recommended as an alignment is necessary to dial in the exact amount of camber.

Features and Benefits:
50% lighter than than our steel versions, without any loss of adjustability. New, improved two piece design allows for easier adjustments!
High-strength, 3 piece, rod end (with carbon fiber reinforced PTFE race) offers longer live for street use over standard rod ends
Seals-it Rod End Seals keep dirt, water and other contaminants out (a feature unique to Rogue Engineering!)
Made 100% in the USA, using 6061-T6 heat treated aluminum.

Rogue Engineering - SPORT Adjustable Rear Control Arms

Rogue Engineering - STREET Adjustable Rear Control Arms

Fits the following vehicles:
All E36 including M3 (not Z3 or 318ti)
All E46 including M3 and xi

Rear Trailing Arm Bushings:

Improve the handling of your E36/E46 in less than an hour! These RTAB reinforcement shims limit rear toe suspension changes of the rear trailing arms. These shims fill the voids that the factory rubber bushings, increasing the effective stiffness of the bushing without additional NVH (noise vibration harshness). These shims do not affect ride quality and are perfect for those who occasionally track or auto-x their vehicles.

Factory Bushings Don't Last Forever:
Whereas the factory rear trailing arm bushings are a common replacement item, few realize that all E36 models (including M3s) use a "light duty" rear trailing arm bushing. Not until the advent of the 1996-1999 M3 was an improved bushing used, to handle the extra power of the later model E36s. Even if your car is relatively stock, these bushings are known to dry rot and crack, causing diminished performance.

Getting regular alignments are pointless unless these are inspected regularly, and replaced when necessary. When purchasing the RTAB reinforcement shims, you may elect to add a pair of factory-style bushings. These are not factory bushings from the BMW dealer, but a heavier duty upgrade to the available factory ones.

Rogue Engineering - Blue Performance RTAB Bushings (Track Compound)

Fits the following vehicles:
All E36, except for Z3/318ti
All E46, including M3
All Z4

Aluminum Rear Shock Mounts:

Say goodbye to rear end clunks! With the introduction of the Rogue Engineering Rear Shock Mounts, you have a high quality, rebuildable, easily
serviceable rear shock mount.

Rogue Engineering Rear Shock Mount Set includes:
Two (2) Rogue Engineering 6061-T6 CNC, Anodized Rear Shock Mounts
Four (4) Shore A 65 Rubber Bushings
Two (2) 303 Stainless Steel Bushing Spacers (to be used with standard 10mm rear shocks)
Four (4) 303 Stainless Steel Washers (2 required per mount)
Four (4) Yellow Zinc plated M8 serrated lock nuts
Two (2) Shock Tower Reinforcement Assemblies (with 10.9 hardware welded)
Two (2) factory gaskets

Problems with Factory Mounts
The factory BMW rear shock mounts are generally a little soft, to provide the most possible acoustically dampening in the vehicle. However, design
precludes them from being stout enough to withstand the rigors of aftermarket suspension, or even badly damaged roads. A decent sized pothole can send a perfectly good factory rear shock mount to pop out, making it entirely useless necessitating replacement. Upgrading to E46 M3 rear mounts (a popular alternative) is not a guarantee that it doesn't happen again and again.

Because of poor design and extensive abuse, stock BMW rear shock mounts mounts often fail with rubber deteriorating which then allows the inner metal sleeve to start moving (or eventually separate from the rubber). Usually, this manifests itself as squeaking, rattling, clunking and deflection of the rear shock mount, leading to poor suspension performance and a great deal of annoyance. Replacing the RSM's with OEM units provides temporary relief, but invariably they fail again, usually in 20K miles or so, but often MUCH less when aftermarket high performance shocks are used.

Rogue Engineering - Rebuildable Rear Shock Mounts (most BMWs)

Fits the following vehicles:
All E30, including M3
All E36, including Z3 and 318ti
All E46, including M3
All Z4, including MZ4

Rear Strut Mount Plate Assembly

The purpose of the plate is to reinforce the upper rear shock tower, to prevent it from tearing, causing costly and extensive sheet metal damage. In yfact, the reinforcement plate is nearly twice as thick as the factory version, offering even more protection.

By having the Grade 10.9 hardware welded to the reinforcement plate, this allows the rear shock mount to become a bottom-mount design. This means that if the rear shocks ever need to be removed, it only requires remove the two nuts from under the rear shock mount and the single bolt on the bottom of the shock. Disassembly of the trunk area is no longer a requirement! Converting factory rear shock mounts to be compatible with these reinforcements is easy, only requiring the use to simply knock out the studs from the factory mount (which are only pressed into place).

Rogue Engineering - Rear Strut Mount Plate Assembly (most BMWs)

These reinforcement plates fit the following vehicles:
All E30, including M3*
All E36, including Z3 and 318ti
All E46, including Z4

Front Camber Plate Set:

RE camber plates allow sharper handling by reducing under steer and allowing for more precise front end turn-in. Available for many vehicles. Negative camber is used in conjunction with caster, to provide supreme handling characteristics. By adding camber, through a turn it will provide you with a maximum size contact patch area so you can twist and turn through faster than before.

RE Power Pullies:

Heart of a BMW:
As most know, the heart of every BMW is its engine. When you blip the throttle to ask for power, the engine responds with the power that BMW designed into it. Well, almost all of the power. The engine is also asked to drive specific accessories in the vehicle such as the A/C compressor, alternator, power steering pump and water pump. All of these crank pulley driven accessories inherently affect the engine's efficiency.

Underdriving the Overachievers
Rogue Engineering has developed a power pulley kit that reduces the drag on specific pulleys while allowing others to remain at their same efficiency. This allows for perfect operation in daily driven vehicles without a hiccup or stutter. However, when the demand of power is requested, the power pulley it allows for the freed power to become apparent. To show the specifics of the Rogue Engineering Power Pulley Kits on a BMW engine, we show their effect and cause.

Its all in the R&D
Rogue Engineering is proud of its motorsport association with its racing team partner ships which allow us to offer products used in professional racing. This association allows us to offer the BMW enthusiast the same parts being used in motorsport endurance racing. For example, our E46 M3 RACE pulley kit is a direct result of our involvement with Automatic Racing since 2005. Similar associations with Bimmerworld Racing continue to allow Rogue Engineering to develop parts that work in racing environments, not just bullet points on an internet based website.

Rogue Engineering Power Pulleys: For the full listing click here:

Rogue Engineering Power Pulleys:
E36 325
E36 328
E36 M3
E46 323
E46 325
E46 328
E46 330
E46 M3
E46 M3
E39 528
E39 528
E39 530
E39 M5
E60 M5
E63 M6
E90/92 M3

Rogue El Diablo Exhaust for E46 M3

Hello? It's 2006. They already stopped production on the E46 M3.
It's not like Rogue Engineering to rest on its laurels when it comes to development of any performance product. In fact, we are typically the first to market of product in many instances. However, when it came to the E46 M3 exhaust, we were definitely NOT the first ones on the block. By last count, there were already over 20 different companies offering exhausts for the E46 M3. Some companies even offer multiple selections (as if they couldn't make up their mind which was best!).

After listening and installing countless aftermarket exhausts in our own facility, we felt we had heard and seen enough of the good, bad and very cheezy. We recognized that most E46 M3 owners had very specific requirements to meet that they found in other exhausts out there. What you see here is the culmination is the best features of many of the exhaust systems found today, at an affordable price with the performance you come to expect from a Rogue Engineering product.

El Diablo Features:
The RE El Diablo is made to fit exactly like factory. Features of El Diablo include:
Weighs only 26 lbs., 1/2 the weight of the factory muffler! (factory is 56 lbs.)
100% T-304 stainless steel construction and internals
Fully mandrel bent tubing, no crimps or flattened areas
Mil-finished pipes and muffler, mirror polished stainless steel quad 80mm angle cut, staggered tips (with exclusive 3mm wall thickness, not just a
piece of stainless steel tubing)
Full TIG welded construction, no lock seams or pinch welds.
Rogue Engineering logo tastefully stamped in the body of the muffler
Optional 80mm Titanium tips
Flow-through design does not create muffler "hot spots" found on chambered mufflers
Optimized tubing sizes and minimized bends maintain exhaust velocity without compromising necessary backpressure
Deep, throaty tone, without the drone. Virtually silent at idle, but appropriate tone at higher RPMs.
Will not change ground clearance
Will not void factory warranty
Will not affect emissions
No permanent modifications required for installation

We decided to produce our system in 100% full T-304 stainless steel because of its consistent strength characteristics, corrosion resistance, and wide range of materials (important for controlling sound and exhaust flow). At 26 lbs. for our production system, we have reached the weight of some full titanium systems costing twice as much but with the benefits of using stainless steel.

Are all stainless steels the same? Nope. Not even close. Some companies have chosen to build their "stainless steel" exhausts with Grade 409 stainless, because it is less expensive than 304. While Grade 409 will resist atmospheric and exhaust gas corrosion, a light surface rust will form is most all atmospheres.

Rogue Engineering - El Diablo Exhaust for e46 M3

RE Rasp-X Pipe - Midpipe:

Rogue Engineering is proud to introduce our E46 M3 Rasp Pipe, the sensible way of ridding your car of the factory exhaust rasp. Finally, you can truly enjoy the sound of your M3 without the annoying rasp of the exhaust at the higher RPMs found in US-model E46 M3s.

The RE Rasp Pipe is made to fit exactly like factory. Features of the unit include:
Fully mandrel bent tubing, no crimps or flattened areas.
100% T-304 stainless steel construction, including flanges, internals
Weighs only 19 lbs. (factory weighs 14.5 lbs.)
Will not change ground clearance
Will not void factory warranty
Will not affect emissions
No permanent modifications required for installation

Only the front pipe? What about the rear pipe?
During our development, we were able to sufficiently tune out the factory rasp without the added expense of replacing another section of of the factory exhaust system. Because of the simplicity, installation can take as little as 20 minutes (with the car on the lift, with proper tools).

What about the others?
For those that looking to eliminate this tone from their E46 M3s, there are a few other choices in the marketplace. However, the RE Rasp Pipe is one of the few that can truly say that performance is uninhibited by the installation of this item. Other "muffler style" designs that use one piece units to try to achieve the same result as our product do so by lowering the cost of the item (it is cheaper to use one muffler than using two, regardless of size). These do have negative effects, as seen in comparable products used in daily drivers.

RE Rasp Pipe Vs. Stock

Flexible and Compatible
Regardless of the exhaust system you choose, the RE Rasp Pipe will do its job in removing the raspy tone.

Rogue Engineering - e46 M3 Rasp Pipe/Section I

Note: This is designed to replace the factory US pipe. European versions have catalytic converters in this pipe. Removal of factory installed
emissions equipment is not legal in the US.

Rogue Electronic Valve Control/Mid X Pipe Section 2

Rogue Engineering is proud to introduce our E46 M3 X-Pipe exhaust midpipe. A perfect compliment to our E46 M3 Rasp Pipe and El Diablo exhaust system.

X Marks the Spot
We're excited to finally release information on our much anticipated Section 2 X-Pipe for the E46 M3. Like all RE products, we wanted to ensure that our new section 2 x-pipe was both high quality as well as functional. Whereas the factory section 2 utilizes two 60mm diameter tubes, with a "H" crossover and small resonator, the RE X-pipe maximizes gas velocity by merging the two smaller tubes into one larger 76mm tube before splitting back into two before the rear muffler. This efficient system allows for gas velocity to equalize from cylinders 1-3 and 4-6, before entering the muffler chamber. This exhaust merge improves sound as well as gas velocity.

Look! It's magic!
As an added feature, we've incorporated an external "dump" at the end of the X-pipe for total user controllable sound. The optional EVC valve allows the user to control the exhaust sound from stock (completely closed) to racebike loud (completely open) from within the inside of the vehicle. The user has the option of any variable position (partially open), controlling the exhaust volume and flow. It takes less than 3 seconds to fully open to fully closed.

The RE X-Pipe is made to fit exactly like factory. Features of RE X-pipe include:
Weighs only 12 lbs. with included blockoff plate (factory is 22 lbs.)
Optional Electronic Valve Control (EVC) valve allows for user controlled exhaust sound levels with touch of a switch (designed to be mounted
inside the cabin, with a discreet momentary switch)
100% T-304 stainless steel, full TIG welded construction.
Includes all hardware require to mount to aftermarket exhausts.
Will not change ground clearance
Will not void factory warranty
Will not affect emissions
No permanent modifications required for installation

Rogue Engineering - e46 M3 EVC Assembly with Turndown Tip

The optional EVC sound control kit includes the following:
US-made EVC Valve (6061-T6 Aluminum body and plate, stainless steel butterfly/shaft, High Temp Steel Gears)
Custom wiring harness, specifically designed for internal console mounting in E46 M3. All you need is power and ground source for wiring.
Custom momentary rocker switch
Hardware and gaskets for mounting valve to RE X-Pipe.
Stainless steel downturn exhaust tip (diverts exhaust gases towards the ground)
Valve carries its own warranty from the valve manufacturer.

We are proud to be working with Rogue Engineering as part of our product line up, feel free to contact me directly via phone, PM, or email.