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Originally Posted by dencoop
I am not sure where you are getting your info but I am hearing that the price of the RD_X will start at 32k and top out at 36k USD.....

-You do know that you can purchase the bigger brand new 2006 MDX for around 36-40k USD.
The RDX price is still not disclosed yet so all of this is speculating - I got my figure of 37-38 (with technology package) from an Acura dealership manager - he of course may be wrong. The MDX MSRP starts at $42,700 with navigation package. It is also slightly bigger and has only 17 mpg city relative to RDX's recently disclosed 19 mpg city (23 highway). I am still a little upset about the RDX mpg but at least it is not a guzzler like the Toureg or FX35. The new CRV looks good - but I think it might lack features like memory power seats, bluetooth(?), and especially HID lights - a mandatory feature we must have.

@ Findtom - I'm not a big fan of the exterior looks of the RDX as well But, this vehicle is for my woman and she actually likes the looks of the front of the RDX. I actually like the interiors of Acuras - at least that is a plus to perhaps offset the exterior. The X3 is extremely pricey with MSRP at 38,000 U.S. and that's bare bones (cheap interior too). My woman isn't limiting the search to just SUVs and with that much money she'd rather just get a loaded E90 325xi or some other AWD car.

@Agni - I have not yet considered the Murano - even though it may lack bluetooth it still has many good features...especially comfort access! Wow! But unfortunately - pricing it out with navigation it comes out to nearly the RDX's new price (with navigation)!
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