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Originally Posted by watrob View Post
I have both AMG & M3. M3 has Race eisenmann & the AMG has had sports muffler change with quad tips.

The M3 now sound as good as my AMG ( but has slightly difference sound), the only other thing that is different is that the M3 revs to over 8,000 so up the high end now it sounds a little like a Ferrari. Which I like but the race exhaust is what it says it is RACE and that was the sound I was looking for.

At 95db its not loud in the cab, 4 people can still talk with the radio on but if you put your foot down the talking stops anyway.

You make a change to your exhaust for a reason, the standard exhaust to sports in my opinion is not worth it, 75db is standard & 95db is Race and the Sports system is 75db also.

MDCT ... so you can drive and eat a hamburger at the same time.