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Originally Posted by sfbimmer13 View Post
Folks, I am really starting to get annoyed about the fact that most people - assumption on my part - get a BBK mostly for looks and bling factor, thereby driving Brake makers into coming to market with kits that are simply not usable for the track since they require 19" rims. Fact is that the only R-Compounds available in that size are Hoosiers (don't like them) and PSCs which I don't like since they are neither a good street nor a great track tire + the are too expensive

Am I the only one that would like to see a brake kit with multipiston calipers and a rotorsize that is suitable for 18" track wheels?

I have asked pretty much all brake manufacturers and they all go with a 6 piston caliper and a 380 mm rotor. I am counting on Turner Motorsports or UUC to address this and hope there will be a solution soon.
If you want to stick with the smaller wheels (18"), then I would stick with stock discs and better performance brake pads. Honestly, going 19" lightweights wheels aren't a bad thing, especially with true-functioning BBKs (like Brembo). I know that the big brake kits are huge and they don't fit your typical 18" or 17" wheel, but your cars have massive amounts of power. Going 1" bigger on your stock 18" isn't going to hurt, and it'll give you a much better braking performance.