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Originally Posted by sfbimmer13 View Post
strange, I have no drone whatsoever with the Remus Race - yes it is louder but it doesn't drone at all...are you sure you experiencing drone? Drone would be when other parts of the car pick up the vibration/resonance and add to the sound

I'm a bit confused now on the drone. My friends Pontiac I mentioned in my original thread had a very bad frequency=drone I guess at cruise speed, about 65mph @ 3-4,000 rpm I'd guess. Very irritating and numbed your ears from the high-pitch frequency vibe. You know, a brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr type sound but it was awfull and not worth the sound/power gain if any.

Now the screaming rpm's of the M3 on sound clips is very impressive with the RACE but I wonder if that drone it creates is the same as what I experianced on the Pontiac. Although on the Pontiac they cut off the resignators and it was two magna flow mufflers to mention.