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Originally Posted by JAJ View Post
I agree completely - if you don't mind the "schoolbus" sound effects on the street, the RS19's are awesome. They stop great until they get hot, then they REALLY stop.

Installing Stoptech stainless brake lines really improves the pedal feel, by the way. My brake pedal tended to sink a bit and make heel-and-toe a little dicey, but the new pads, new flexible lines and Castrol SRF have made the whole setup rock solid.
Yeah, told ya! I loved those pads! Prolly get a set for the E90 M3 too, when I finally get around to it. lol

Good point about the SS lines. I was wondering how they felt on the M...thanks for the input!

I ran SS lines on my E36 M3's and noticed a nice improvement on feel at the track. Looks like I will get some for the new M too!
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