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Originally Posted by ward
there's a strong difference between being well dressed and only buying jeans that are really expensive/rare/some odd brand I've never heard of.

I agree that presention is important, and it's important to dress nicely, but the whole designer jeans is taking dressing nicely to the next level. A real man isn't concerned which brand of jeans he's wearing, as long as they're comfortable and/or nice looking.

what do you think about a man that takes 45 minutes to make his hair look right?

Any man with designer wallets/messenger bag/$300 obnoxious sunglasses is (why doesn't this forum have that limp wristed smiley)
I think that a man should care about how he presents himself and looks, I mean the first thing people notice is how you look, no one said that you have to wear expensive clothes and designer jeans, shirts, glasses, and carry expensive wallets etc etc, but at least present yourself in a mature manner, don't come to a business meeting with baggy jeans and an Ecko shirt.

If I buy expensive clothing (jeans/shirts/shorts) its because I like the way it looks, but I'm reasonable about how much I'm going to spend on clothes and how many clothes I have/buy. I'm not going to buy a shirt and not wear it or buy an excess amount of clothes that I couldn't wear in my lifetime. I own a couple of different pair of shoes to match with different outfits, but again I don't buy all of them at one time, most of the shoes are a couple months old between each other, but I keep them in pretty good condition, so I can still rock them. The most I've spent on jeans is $120, but I have a pair of jeans that are $230, I recieved them for a birthday present. I have a couple of shirts that were $90 but I also recieved those as gifts. The most I alone, spent on a shirt, was $50. Genetic Denim's are NICEST most COMFORTABLE jeans you can buy. =]
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