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Originally Posted by nmulax
So it's acceptable for a man to be concerned with the cars he drives, the woman he marries, the home he lives in, the size of his office... but if he care's about being well dressed he's feminine?

I think a real man is concerned with presenting himself in the best light possible. Both figuratively and literally in all aspects of his life. In regards to clothing, we buy $1000 suits and made-to-measure shirts, why should we not put the same interest into our casual clothing?

What concerns do you have about "a skinny well dressed man"?
I in no way mean for this to come across in a negative fashion, but I'm looking forward to hearing this.

there's a strong difference between being well dressed and only buying jeans that are really expensive/rare/some odd brand I've never heard of.

I agree that presention is important, and it's important to dress nicely, but the whole designer jeans is taking dressing nicely to the next level. A real man isn't concerned which brand of jeans he's wearing, as long as they're comfortable and/or nice looking.

what do you think about a man that takes 45 minutes to make his hair look right?

Any man with designer wallets/messenger bag/$300 obnoxious sunglasses is (why doesn't this forum have that limp wristed smiley)