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BMW Fascination I & II in E92 M3 with M-DCT

Hi guys - I am not an owner.... yet. I have a Z4M Coupe at this time. I did BMW's Fascination I & II Courses in the M3. BMW Driver Training is a great learning experience. I have done a number of their courses and I have become a much better driver. I specially recommend their Winter Driving Course for everyone!!

My take (& this is just my opinion) on the M3. By the way - this forum is first rate and my opinions are quite similar to what has already been expressed by many.

The noise is FANTASTIC! The S65 engine.... I am in love!

The M-DCT is a great piece of kit. I have a Z4M Coupe 6MT at this time. I will not hesitate and I will get the M-DCT. The gear changes are smooth. We drove in S5 and I did notice a slight lag in the gear changes. I was changing gears around 7K and I did not feel that the slight lag was a problem. The downshifts with rev matching were GLORIOUS!

I felt that the EDC is something I can do without. The car has great handling even in comfort mode. I also did not find the track mode to be too harsh with 19 inch wheels (even on Quebec public roads) - but then again I drive a Z4M Coupe

The brakes are pretty good. I think that the Z4M's brakes are better but then again the Z4M is lighter and it's brakes come from the E46 M3 CSL.

Anyway - that is just mt $0.02. Love the E92 M3. Love the M-DCT. I think I will get one.

A few pictures for you guys:

Me with a shit eating grin:

The Fascination I guys:

The Fascination II guys:

A few M3's:

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