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What is homologation and TUV approval?

Homologation is the certification by the EEC that the system fulfills their extremely high specifications in various design criteria for that specific model. Remus surpasses these specifications and are in addition to ISO 9001: 2000 also ISO/TS 16949: 1999 approved. The first company in the Industry to achieve this. Each system comes with this certificate that must be kept with the cars service book. TUV approval is a battery of rigorous tests in Europe to determine the quality and legality of an exhaust for specific car model. Some exhaust applications will fit many car models and won't be TUV approved, this simply means it has not been evaluted on this car model however will still fit. A TUV approved exhaust is a caracterized by a superior build quality using superior quality materials and a street legal sound, hovering close to OEM decibel (dB) output.

The TUV approval certificate is a legal document to present to authorities when asked for it. In the EU, you will need a TUV certificate to pass inspections.