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Race/Sport exhaust drone at cruise speeds

There is some talk about different levels of exhaust drone at the 2-3,000rpm range. I'm interested in the REMUS race exhaust but I have some questions and concerns you fella's might be able to answer.

The Remus sport is not TUV approved but is that going to make a difference when getting a SVA inspection (UK) only, and any State inspections back in the US. Since my M3 is US spec anyway.

The exhaust drone with the Remus Race, does anyone have a video sound clip of it in cabin? I'd like to hear it before I purchase.

I had a friend that fitted some magna flows on a Pontiac Grand Prix and the drone was actually pretty irratating but he also had the resignators removed if I remember right. Any info from all of you who have fitted the sport or race exhasuts would be great. Eisenman exhausts too!