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Originally Posted by watrob View Post
First we are talking about what the brakes look like & perform like. 135 has an option of better brakes if you buy the BMW performance brake kit, you have an option there don't you.

Second, you said get a better model in the range with better brakes, again you tell me what model has 4 or 6 piston good looking brakes compared to a AMG brake.

There's none, so I actually have to down grade to a one series to get a half decent caliper.

And if you read my thread properly I stated that you lived in Australia, but it looks like your eyes are faster than your brain.

So as I said BMW needs to do better in there brake dept and offer options in there luxury car & M class where braking is a concern.

And for your info my X5 e70 TT diesel has as standard a larger rotors than is on the V8 X5 and it's got s**t looking calipers as well.

The M3 should have better brakes, its a performance car, and people are not happy.
LOL I'm not even sure what point you are trying to get across anymore, just chill out dude! Life isn't all that serious, I for one don't have a problem with how the brakes on the E9x M3 look or work. I'm sure as hell not one to want multi piston brakes for how they look, lol. But hey, if you're that unhappy about it, vote with your wallet