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Originally Posted by ward
so you think they'll be a "collectors item" some day

dude, they're pants............

nobody's going to think you're "cool" with limited issue pants, even if they were only 40 bucks

woah woah..i dont care what other people think about my pants i just dont want to see everyone else rocking the same pair of pants as me plus its japanese denim...
FYI.. they are worth money..i can resell them for more any time.. b/c theyre already sold out.. if you knew how much shoes and clothes are worth you probably wouldnt be talking.. but i guess some people either know it or dont..

Originally Posted by kenb
My name is dtmryan and my mommy makes my jeans!
uhhhh what are you talking about?? who said anything bout my mom making jeans?? its pretty funny cuz it doesnt make any sense..

Personally i think a lot of people care what they wear..typically only in major urban cities such as NY, LA, SF, and more..If people want to spend more money to dress better(quality/look) thats up to them.. Fashion in these cities are more then just a trend.. its a subculture/lifestyle, belive what you want.

but thats just my 2cents.