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i used to be like some of you guys. not care as long as they fit and didn't sag.

but after i finally tried on a 'nice' pair of jeans. i realized what i was missing out on. and if you wear jeans on a regular basis (which i bet most of us do). its worth the amount of money.

from exerpience i can tell you the expensive ones last longer, yes they are overpriced, but just like BMWs we admit that they are a bit overpriced and people do pay more for the name. but to us its worth it, and most of us won't go back to regular cars. so i too won't go back to 'regular' 'cheap' or whatever you call them jeans.

the expensive jeans are so much more comfortable, and if you really didn't want to spend to much money, just go to the sale section. it is rare, but it happens if you go at the right time (usually end of season). in fact, i just bought a 50 dollar banana republic jeans a few days ago, and i love them.

in the end, i would say try a nice pair of jeans first, before you say they aren't worth the 80+ dollars or so.

its no coincidence my most expensive jean wears the best, has lasts the longest, and makes me the happiest.

btw my fav jeans are lucky brand. perfect fit for my body