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Originally Posted by Crimson92 View Post
ive had my ps3 since about release time and the only game i have is metal gear

i much prefer my 360

and now ff13 is 360 bound i have even less reasons to buy another game
+1 on the shortage of good ps3 games and the PS3 exclusives are all going away lol...
About FF13 read this:
Ten Things to Look Forward to in Final Fantasy XIII

By Philip Witowski

With the surprising announcement at E3 that Final Fantasy XIII is no longer a PS3-exclusive, many long time Sony PS3 fans probably felt a little bit disappointed. But why? The game is still looking to be one of the most amazing experiences ever to be released on the PS3! In fact, here are the top 10 reasons why you should still be looking forward to the new Final Fantasy game, and why the PS3 is the best system to explore the world of Fabula Nova Crystallis.

10. The potential of blu-ray
Blu-ray holds a massive 40GB of data, a huge amount compared to the maximum of 8GB on a dual-layer DVD. Previous titles of Final fantasy have almost always tried to maximise the data on the disk, but with 5x more space to
play with, Square-Enix can really ramp up its visuals and the amount of content playable on these discs. Expect to see some high-resolution textures and crisp cinematics.

9. The possibility of online features and DLC
For the first time in the Final Fantasy series, the possibility of free or paid downloadable content will be viable via the PSN network. This adds a whole range of new possibilities of additional gameplay! There is also the rumour of being able to play online with others, but whether or not this will be utilised is still speculation at the current time.

8. It's an RPG
Let's be honest and admit that the PS3 currently suffers from a lack of RPG's. There are a few select ones like
Folklore and Disgaea 3, but there has been a distinct lack of blockbuster RPG's
assessable to everyone. Any RPG that brings back the gorgeous visuals, intricate storyline, and battle systems of the traditional role-playing game is welcome to make its way onto the PS3.

7. Exciting new characters and people to get to know
The new protagonist, Lightning, is a lot like Cloud, but in female form. Her backstory is an interesting one, as even she does not know where she comes from. Armed with a gunblade that can transform into either a gun or a sword, she is a force to be reckoned with. 33cm is also looking to be an exciting new character (And if you're wondering, the 33cm refers to his shoe size), supposedly being strong enough to lift two people and run while holding them! Other characters have also been seen, but little is known about what role they play in this Final Fantasy game.

For those not paying attention, Lightning is also hawt.

6. The gorgeous cut-scenes and visuals
Square-Enix has never failed to deliver the most impressive graphics available on the console they work with. The trailers already look amazing, and are guaranteed to take full use of the Playstation 3's high definition resolution. This is a huge bonus for PS3 fans, as Xbox360 fans will receive a ported version with lower-quality visuals and sound due to the fact that DVD's cannot hold as much as the blu-ray disc, and the Xbox360 cannot output at full 1920 x 1080p resolution.

5. The Summons
Summons have always been an intricate part of the Final Fantasy series, but have seen an interesting new revamp in Final fantasy 13. Favourites like Shiva and Ifrit have been confirmed so far, co-inciding with their ice and fire forms respectively. The interesting change here is that Shiva manifests herself as Mr. 33cm's motorbike, instead of the traditional ice goddess. Carbuncle and Siren have also made a showing, appearing as small and funky little creatures that the characters interact with.

4. The new battle system
Final Fantasy XIII plans to take the traditional ATB (active-time battle) system to a whole new level. The idea is that the battles remain fast-paced, but there is also a strategic element added to each battle. Players can select a number of actions to perform per turn, which will deplete the ATB gauge for each action. Players can save up ATB points for larger chained attacks, or can just go for it and wait for the ATB gauge to slowly replenish.

3. The way battles are initiated
Following on from the new battle system, Square Enix hopes to make battle similar to those seen in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. It is aimed to not be completely random, but to also not be completely seamless. Players will have the chance to strategise battles beforehand, but battles will still remain fast and action-based, and some enemies will even ambush or attack the players from afar!

2. The storyline
Final Fantasy is known for its storyline, and Final Fantasy 13 will not be any different. With many of the original team responsible for Final Fantasy VII's success on the original Playstation, such as Yoshinori Kitase and Tetsuya Normura, this could be one of the biggest and most beautiful stories on any console for a very long time.

1. It's Final Fantasy, damnit! Have you seen the trailers!? To be honest, if you're not already psyched up and excited about the amazing trailers and the fact it's Final Fantasy XIII, you never will be. This will be one of the biggest hits of 2010, guaranteeing a flood of new PS3 owners and a new generation of RPG lovers. With 3 weeks to go until more details are released at the Tokyo Game show, the news can only get better! But until it's released, we'll just have to be patient. It will be worth it.