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I will say this, I wrestled with the fact of picking a Sports or Race Eisenmann exhaust system.

And only going from vids on the forum I can assure you you will have a hard time picking which one you want.

The only figures I could get was that the oem exhaust is 75db, the sports is 75db and the Race is 95db.

Given the fact that the top end noisey sports cars Ferrari etc run at around 90-98db and that is the upper limit of legal noise, sort of helped me pick which one.

You here a Ferrari coming as well as going, the M3 V8 is a high reving motor and I can assure you of one thing, with the Race exhaust you can now stand in the street and now hear the M3 coming and until you caught sight of the M3 the average person would be thinking it a very exotic car noise coming.

I would say it is the closest noise I have heard yet to a Ferrari and I think it has to do with fact you are reving in the 5000 to 8400 rev range with a lot of road V8 cars don't, it that screaming of the motor at high revs.

In the low rev range it has a deep rumble, but when it hits that high rev band it snarls. Dip the thottle in the street a couple of times and heads turn, you did not get that with the oem exhaust, you had to rev the s**t out of it to turn heads.

If you want a sports car sound get a Race, if you want Sunday driver leave the oem on, if you are going to spend 2-3k you want something for your money.

Took it to my dealer this morning after the install, know the principal quite well, first thing he did was right down the name of the exhaust and ask how much.

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