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EVO: M3 E90 vs C63 Performance Package

Indeed, both cars successfully balance hardcore horsepower with a tastefull palette of home comforts. As modern Teutonic interpretations of the classic American muscle car, they make the case. If what you crave in your four-door saloon, for instance, is colossal perfrormance delivered with the demeanour of an insouciant dragster, the C63 is almost certainly what you are looking for.

The depth of the M3's talent, however, is telling. For point-to-point pace it easily matches the Merc but, more than that, it feels special doing it - accurate, agile, finely balanced, biddable - where the Merc is merely accomplished. In short, the M3 saloon is sharper, cuts deeper and will keep you hooked for longer.

Bedford laptimes:
BMW M3: 1:26,2
Merc C63: 1:28,8