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Originally Posted by varun View Post
Im looking at a pair of ASA JH8 wheels that were off an E46 M3. I know the fronts will fit the E90 with spacers but is this a safe setup for the track. Does it affect the handling in a negative way? The E90 appears to require an offset of +15 but the E46 was +40. I guess a 2mm spacer would do it?

The wheel I am looking at is:

ASA JH8 18x8.5

Offset: 40mm

Backspacing: 6.38"
Bolt Pattern: 5-120
Rec. Tire Size: 245/35-19
Weight: 24.6lbs.

How are these ASA wheels? Heavy?
Your numbers seem a little jumbled.

For the fronts you need a 10mm spacer (and 35mm bolts) to get the offset down from 40mm to 30mm - the stock is 29mm, so nobody will notice the missing 1mm.

For the rears, well - it's not clear what rears you want to run.

The front tire for the 18x8.5" rim is 245/40x18 (not the 19 fitment you listed).