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Originally Posted by CinciE92M3 View Post
I ended up ordering a set of front HP10's from $157 for the set. I guess I'll stick with factory pads for the rear... Hawk's not yet making rear pads.

I'm going to give these a shot first... I agree that if they shatter it's bad news, but I'm hoping they would have made some improvements in the last 8 years. Regardless, I'll give them a call and see what they say. Maybe next year I'll get the Pagids. I'm still in sticker shock from buying the car, the invizi-bra, the laser jammer, the track tires, etc. etc.
My experience is that the rears word REALLY HARD on the E92 M3. The rear pads are the same fitment as the E6x M5 and M6 (as well as pretty much all of the 5xx series and most of the 7's as well), so maybe there's a proper race pad you can use. Having seen my rears smoking with Pagid RS19's, I wouldn't assume they can be stock pads and all will be well.