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Originally Posted by ScBlacksunshine
This is my IMHO, I think that thread revealed more about the mentality of this forum and some of the members. That "mighter then thou" elitist attitude is starting to surface real fast. No doubt the original poster's friend is an idiot just base on his comment and attitude, however I still don't think we need to bash Camry just because of one idiot. Camry SE is somewhat sportier then what it used to be and it's a great no mean is it a sports car, but the engine is solid and the price is right. You can't really compare it to the 3s, is like comparing apple to orange, but at the end you throw out the conclusion that orange sucks because you can't eat it without peeling off the skin..
But you are singling our forum out. THat is the mentality on EVERY car forum. Any one who purchases a particular model and participates on it's forum has some pride in his car. I bet if you visited the Camry forum (if there is one) you would find a bunch of people raving about how their car has more hp than a top of the line 3 series, etc. Even though they arent in the same class, they will compare it. Same goes for the G35, IS350, Acura TL forums. They all think their particular cars are "elite" and "best in class". Have you ever tried to defend a 3 series on an IS forum? You get trashed! OVer priced, mechanical failure prone, slug is what most of them feel. That is why its difficult to compare different cars on a biased car forum. Now im not saying all members are like that, but the majority are, so going into that thread you shouldnt really expect anything other than that mentality.