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Originally Posted by masmole View Post
Does anyone know if BMW has a limit as to how many times they will replace the brakes at no charge courtesy of BMW Ultimate Service?

With my E60 M5, they replaced rotors and pads after 5k miles after I wore the pads down although the rotors still looked very healthy. They did it with no questions asked even though I was very forthcoming about having attended a few "car club driving schools" but was never "racing" on track. The service advisor said that everything "falls under the normal use category". I'm not sure if BMW USA corporate feels the same though and I have yet to test them.

My thinking is that it's a high performing car and occasionally it should be driven to its high performing levels in a safe and controlled environment (at a track, with instructors, and without any wheel-to-wheel funny business going on or recording of lap times). This is normal use to me. But at this rate, my normal use will use up brakes every 5k miles. Will Ultimate Service keep covering this or will they draw the line to one free brake replacement?

Not that I'm too concerned about it because with the M3, I fully intend to use Pagid RS19s for the track and save the stock pads for street use. I'm just curious if anyone has managed more than one set of brakes from BMW Ultimate Service with any past or current cars.
Well, your insurance company probably doesn't consider any track time to be normal use because every insurance company I know of will not cover damages that occur on the track. It seems that some BMW dealers may be a little more tolerant of this but it's not something I would count on.