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Originally Posted by Zirenz2006 View Post
haha no pics worth seeing, the car looks fine other than the torn belly pan that you can barely see hanging down

Originally Posted by bigjae1976 View Post
That least you punished that stupid deer by taking a pound of flesh of its @ss and smearing its blood everywhere.

I'm assuming you killed it?
it was already dead

Originally Posted by sinnet112 View Post
Doesn't seem like the damage is too bad, thankfully.

I ran over a skunk carcass because the road was poorly lit, and 3 months later, on humid nights it still smells like skunk in the garage.
$1800 in damages because the cable for power steering has been damaged.. -$500 in deductibles for me
lol i might be crazy but sometimes when you smell a dead skunk while driving it kinda smells like starbucks

Originally Posted by kbk_75 View Post
God that's bad, but quick question guys...would it be less damaging to go over something the size of a deer carcass with the front wheel rather than dead center?
i had a friend total his 330i after running over a deer carcass with one of the front wheels. the car jumped in the air and nose dove straight into the ground.