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Originally Posted by bruce.augenstein@comcast. View Post
So with you it's number two.

How about the Mercedes SL 7-speed with no torque converter. Or the IS-F 8-speed that locks up the top 7 in sport mode.

First off, you mean that as some sort of accusation, which is ridiculous. A '95 and an '04 have graced our garages, and I'm not an M3 enthusiast. Whatever works best for me when it's time to buy or lease something, and BMW either competes or not - and I don't give a damn. We've also had a couple of Vettes, and I've never been a Vette guy either.

Secondly, you have a hopelessly myopic view of what a car enthusiast is. As an example, my neighbor traded his Jag XK-R on a CLS500, which then hit the road in favor of a CTS. Of those three, he really loves the CTS as opposed to the Jag (kind of liked it) and the Merc (hated it). He's been a car nut for pretty much all his life, and doesn't know a damned thing about cars except for what he likes. He's as much of a car nut as anybody.

My wife is a car enthusiast who also doesn't know anything about cars except for what she likes. Right now she still really loves her '05 Pilot, compared to either a new Pilot, a GL450 or an Acadia (others she's recently checked out).

Fine by me. I like it too.

I think the Honda Fit and the Dodge Cummins diesel pickup are exceedingly cool vehicles that I'd really like to own - and so far I prefer the single 1 series I drove to either of the new M3s I've driven. I'm impressed by the M3, but would rather actually own a Fit, the aforementioned Dodge, or a 1 series. I also know that the M-DCT is an automatic, by virtue of having two pedals and no-shift driving. Does all this mean I'm not an enthusiast?

I applaud the passion of anybody who loves all things BMW (or any other Marque) over everything else out there, but abhor their judgement.


Well shit, I just typed a nice long response but lost it into cyberspace. So here's the less wordy cliff notes:

I never said you weren't an enthusiast, I began that sentence with IMHO, which is just opinion. That fact that you're a track instructor (former) and previously wrote a long ass post how to do a drag strip makes that quite obvious. Again IMHO, an enthusiast knows a thing or two about the cars he/she drives. Based on your description your neighbor the car nut doesn't make it to enthusiast status in my book.

Well I wish I could find my previous response somewhere on this PC, but it's gone, it's late, and I have to drive my M3 355 miles tomorrow. You might hear the sonic boom in Lancaster as I go by.
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